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Ulpan Eitan has been a leader in Hebrew language teaching for over two decades. In addition to frontal classes in Jerusalem the ulpan has maintained a virtual presence for learning Hebrew online, engaging students worldwide. In order to make his educational approach of learning Hebrew accessible to all, Shlomo Eitan, the founder and director of Ulpan Eitan, launched in May 2012, a Youtube series of classes by the name “Hebrew for All.”  Both online and in Jerusalem Shlomo has built a strong reputation of excellence in teaching Hebrew. Every student is a success, and many accredit Shlomo with having opened for them the door to their mastery of Hebrew.  Spend a moment or two looking at the testimonials. Shlomo has attained recognition for his approach in teaching Hebrew, despite the fact that his approach was not recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education.  Now, after many years, and after the “official” system has been criticized as failing, many of Shlomo’s principles of learning and teaching Hebrew are finding their way into “ulpanim,” both public and private around the world.  Shlomo’s approaches and techniques are also being applied in the instruction of other languages.

Online Learning

Ulpan Eitan offers conventional frontal teaching, and  is proud to also be a leader in online distance learning. Using the highest quality of online interactive teaching platforms powered by Groopex, no matter where you live in the world, you can enjoy the special teaching techniques that make Ulpan Eitan unique.For more information on the online school click here.


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